Tiny Gladiators Hack

Tiny Gladiators Cheats and Game Review: An Engrossing Action-Fighting Game!


Tiny Gladiators is a challenging and gripping action-packed game with single player and multiplayer modes. The story begins when you see your father falling from the hands of a powerful demon. Your journey to find the actual culprits and to know the cause of your father’s death starts by selecting an in-game character and some gears. You will come across innumerable enemies that have varied strengths. Winning the battles is not easy at all. So, to achieve success in the game, read on the below-mentioned features of Tiny Gladiators hack and game itself.

Tiny Gladiators Hack

Important Aspects Of Tiny Gladiators Hack and Game:  

  • Try to procure lots of Experience Points as it is required for leveling up in the game.
  • Coins and Diamonds are the in-game currencies that are used for purchasing upgrades, costumes, weapons, and power-ups. They can be easily generated with Tiny Gladiators Hack.
  • You can get huge rewards by winning multiple matches.
  • To unlock the next level, you must score at least one star in the battle.
  • You have the freedom to replay the previous unlocked levels. So, when you are playing a level for the first time, just aim to complete it regardless of the number of stars acquired. You can always go back and collect those stars.
  • There are several advertisements available in the game that can be watched for earning boosts or Coins.
  • Diamonds are the premium currency of the game that is usually purchased by spending real money as acquiring them in the game is a tedious task. You can make use of Diamonds for buying permanent upgrades. People make this task easy by using Tiny Gladiator Cheats. You can watch the video below, to look how easy it is.
  • It is extremely important to upgrade your arms and ammunitions to win the battles. If there are some previous levels wherein you have not achieved three stars, then go back and play again so that you can gain more XP. This will help you to increase skill levels and stats.
  • The controls of the game are easy to learn. There are different buttons to tap for controlling your gladiator. Also, knowing which button to use at what time is very important. All enemies are different so you should know how to control your character properly so that you can defeat the opponent quickly. This tactic can be learnt only by practice, so keep playing and get a good grasp of controls.
  • There are four skill options available in the game, so depending on your game character and strategy, you need to upgrade the particular skill. However, if you are stuck up in a particular level then you can reset the skill by trying different combinations.
  • Whenever you unlock a boss level, you will earn several artifacts. If you are able to unlock a full set of artifacts, then progressing through the tougher levels will become very easy.
  • Souls can be procured by playing in survival tower and ‘set pieces’ can be acquired through heroic chests.
  • In this game, you can use up to four characters at a particular time. However, you need to carefully select your characters as all of them have different strengths and weaknesses. Playing with four characters at a time certainly makes the game enjoyable and engrossing.
  • Signing in the game every day will let you earn lots of goodies. So, even if you do not have time to play the game, just login for a few minutes and earn rewards. However if you are lazy to do this, try our Tiny Gladiators Hack which is really cool and let’s you generate resources.
  • You need to plan your strategies well in the game. Deciding whether to attack or defend is extremely important to survive in the battles. The decision to fight aggressively or defensively has to be made quickly by judging the opponent. This single decision can make or break a battle for you, so plan wisely.
  • Select your game character carefully as there are several skins available in the game. Also, you need to select your fighting style; for instance, knight for sword and shield, spearman for distance, assassin with two swords and colossus, and so on.
  • Once you reach new stages in the game, you can collect different weapons and armor to give a new look to your character. Another way to improve the skills of your character is by using skill points that you have earned while leveling up.
  • The safest and easiest way to approach your enemy is through the air. Also, to get an extra height, you can make your character double jump.
  • Always try to block the attacks as it will reduce the damage caused by the opponent. The best time to block is when the enemy is jumping or trying to get up from a knockdown. Another instance at which you can block the enemy is when it goes for an aerial approach.
  • In this game, your character will have two active and two passive skills. Ensure that you invest points into the active skills as it can help in getting three stars in each level. On the other hand, the passive skills are related to health. Investing in this skill will increase your mid-combat health regeneration. Thus, at later stages, this skill can save your life in the battlefield.
  • You can purchase two armory chests, which costs 200 and 2500 Gold. These chests provide various benefits. The 4-star Gold chest has up to 350 gears. If you are in the early levels of the game then the 2-star Gold chest would be adequate. However, as you progress in the game, try to acquire the 4-star Gold chest. Moreover, keep an eye on the 4-star chest as it is free to open once in a day, or give a try with this Tiny Gladiators Hack which will let you forget all these openings.
  • Upgrading the gear of your character is vital. However, if you do not have enough game currency to upgrade it, then grind a bit to earn the money. Sending your character at the battlefield with poor gear is a terrible decision.


All in all, Tiny Gladiators is an absolute entertainer and is recommended for all those players who like mobile combat games. Use the aforesaid tips to defeat your enemies and achieve success in the game. The game has earned 4,5 out of 5 stars on the score card so have fun while seeking revenge and finding the truth about your father’s murderers in the world of Tiny Gladiators.

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